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Super Strength Rear Axle


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Howzit gents,

I'm thinking of fitting a fairly large chevy V8 in my A series. Something like a 290 or 308 (its big for a manta anyway), what kind of rear axle would you guys recommend for such an engine and a heavy right foot? chevette? something like a more modern beemer or similar. I also would like to switch to 5 stud fitment, for aesthetics mostly, but they are a bit stronger.



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Scimitar SE5 axle (salisbury 4HA) It's the right width (as long as you get one from an SE5... There are various different widths of 4HA axle) and takes Jag powerlock diff (as fitted to all Jag V12's).

Does the trick on this Kadett we've been working on, which is 400BHP+

Kadett Turbo

The volvo mentioned above is the other good option, but would need narrowing.

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PM Simon Peckham he's the V8 master round this way


Cheers Andy, Depends what you have available in SA, i would think a Ford 8"/9" axle should be available down there. Four link with a panhard rod or watt linkage. Still need narrowing though. I'm currently fitting an A Series with a Ford 302 V8 and the narrowed (1310mm) Ford 8" is the choice for it.

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