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Where Does The Name "manta Come From?


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Dear all,

I would like to know all the details of how and why this car type was named "manta" (including the source of the info).

Currently I am writing a book on manta rays, and I am wondering if the name is derived from this fish species?

If there is a link between the two, I would love to incorporate it in my book.

Please help me out, as I am not experienced with cars in general and Opel manta in particular.

Many thanks for your time,

Berry Beersen

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The car gets it's name from the fish, the earlier cars had the fish on them...


Adam Opel was the guy who set up Opel cars.


'Devil Fish' because thats what they were called originally due to their 'horns'

As to why it was called 'Manta', probably because they wanted to name it after something beautiful, majestic and impressive. Doubt whether 'Opel Dog's Arse' would have sold very well.

Seriously though, I'm not sure I've ever come across the reasoning... we need the true anoraks like of Rab, 1900SR and so on to comment!

Hope you watched the BBC's Life program a few weeks back....awesome footage of Manta Rays. There was also a good program about tagging them recently too (might have been the same one)....one woman's mission to get them protected... was very interesting.

Anyway, awesome creatures, let us know when the book gets published, I find them very fascinating!

Oh, the cars are great too, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!

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Personally I would say it was because the original A series bore a passing resemblance to the late 60's/early 70's Corvette....also known as the Stingray. :rolleyes:

Stingray to Mantaray doesn't take a great leap of the imagination. <_<

Shorten it to Manta, et voila, a car is born :rolleyes:

Altho personally I would have given the GT that name as it is a mini Corvette.... :thumbup

Anyway, I'm probably totally wrong, so don't quote me on that :lol:

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May be a little off the subject, but in the early 50s we were anchored in China Bay, Trincomalee, hundreds of Manta Rays swam into the Bay on Christmas Day, and the strange thing is, There wasn't a bit of rust on any of them!!

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Some info here:


Also. "Manta" Fish species / "Stingray" Design/ Development

"Manta" name would inspire development. Classed development down through Kadett/Olympia - Coupe to Manta A,also in some literature classed as variant from Opel GT.

Basically its named after awe FISH!! :D:D

Any info jist Google thooosands owe pages on Manta.

Hope thi above helps.


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Doubt whether 'Opel Dog's Arse' would have sold very well.

:lol: I'd buy one! Only £12,999 on the road!

I would think it very unlikely that there is any deep meaning or story to go with the naming of the car, it would have been something thought up at the design stage based on the lines/shape of the car as suggested.

The book sounds interesting though, for an animal that scoops up algae all day they're an impressive looking species.

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I translate (google translation) some information about the name Manta

This info you can find in the site: http://www.manta-news.de/index05.html

More interest info about the Manta and the GT http://www.opelclub.com/html/opel_manta_1971_1975.html

For the fans of Ascona A http://www.hacoma.de/ascona-a/e_start.php

I hope this can help to your research



Why Manta?

On the first page we have already told you something about the fish, Manta. You know: The fish is a manta ray and one to the family of sharks. Perhaps you have already own in a large aquarium or a manta Exotarien can admire. Elegant and smooth, he glides. The swinging fins seem to caress the water only slightly, and yet he leaps forward powerfully. For every movement speaks perfect harmony and a sovereign superiority.

Now compare the flowing lines that dominated power and elegance of the Opel Manta with this "king of Merre": A good symbol for our model.

The Manta is uniquely European styling

The Italian-looking design with a low waistline, the long hood and distinctive rear gabt the Manta a separate, clearly sporty appearance. With this successful clean lines of the body and some functional considerations of interior design we went to the start. All equipment represented best European sports car tradition. The Manta was the first independent type coupe international scale in the Opel program.

Manta Initially, there were three types:

The standard coupe, the luxury coupe, the rally coupe.

These types were distinguished by different variants of furnishing, three optional engines and of course by the price. How could so all Manta will meet individually buyer wishes!

(Further details will follow later.)

As the market looked for the launch of the Opel Manta:

Long-term market observations could be clearly seen that became apparent to many car buyers increasingly three trends:

1. The trend towards cars with higher performance and the appropriate behavior within a model class

2. The trend towards greater comfort for drivers and passengers,

3. The trend towards a car that is well within range of a group abhobt and then to individual "calling card" of its owner was. The Opel Manta fulfilled the needs of this particular group of buyers.

To these buyers, it went!

It was the active, progressive, young people in their views, and the young at heart. People who are new and the old international has been receptive to - the emotional well addressed by the beauty of a new car, but also put its technology and equipment to extremely high standards. For these people, the Manta was the right offer. A sports car set for men, women or young families who were willing to rise for a reasonable price on a car like the Manta, at or. In short, prospects for the very sporty models. It was that buyers in the age from late twenties to late forties and social backgrounds who were looking for traditional car-division classes mainly in the broad area between the lower and upper middle class. The Opel Manta Opel dealer's own customer ground, such as cadet owners, to establish within their program "to rise" - and thus prevented the exodus to other manufactured. With the Manta especially the Fremdfahrzeugbesitzern They offered a tempting opportunity for change. But brand loyalty car owners of the upper classes (for example, Admiral and Diplomat) Opel offered to the second car for the highest standards.

And the competition?

The Manta was an alternative to many sports or sporty-looking cars in the European automotive market. Let us here on the most typical and Opel main competitors: the Ford Capri. Undoubtedly, the Capri, with its far-tiered pricing and service options is a success. In the meantime, has shown itself but also its weak point. The Capri's success depended in large part to its styling is, therefore, been largely dependent on the emotional support of the buyer. For prospective buyers, which were used for financial or technical considerations, the exterior with the functional benefits compared to shock the Capri offer (interior and trunk, rear axle), and more on skepticism and resistance. Here was a great opportunity for the Manta, the appearance of functional design and technology in line. Thus Opel wanted to exploit a market segment for itself, has opened with the Ford Capri. Seen in the Manta was far more than the answer given by Opel at the Ford Capri. The sales success with the first model, Manta (Manta A) confirmed this. "

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