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Coupe Rear Seatbelt Belt Spools


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I have a set of rear belts from a hatch but they won't work in my coupe. If you look side-on

the sloped shape of the unit needs to be facing upwards in the coupe (bolt mounting hole at

the top) whereas on the hatch it is fitted with the wide-flat side of the unit at the top

(bolt hole at the bottom).. Also the unit keeps locking when it is turned up the other way.

If someone is breaking a coupe with rear belts fitted (who wants to sell them)-condition of

the belts themselves is unimportant as I can use mine. I'd like to be emailed a photo of

them in position please before they are removed. Otherwise if you know you have a set

from a coupe please get in contact so I can give you a ring to check they work 'the

right way up' !

This is the only thing stopping me taking the car for its MOT as I don't want to have

to strip out the rear again after its MOT'd.

Look forward to hearing from you.... :thumbup

PM me or email roy dot fellingham at ntlworld dot com (adding .s and @'s where necessary)

Or ring me in the evenings on 0776 297 5101


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