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2.0 16V Xe Conversion Help, Please


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Hi i am currently on with doing a XE transplant on my GT/E , i have managed to find a pair of 1.8 engine mounts, a big wing sump with pick up pipe, also a 1.8 gear box, i also have a MK2 Astra as my donor car so i have loom, ecu etc this started life as a 1.8 8V and has had a XE transplant from an early Astra GTE.

What else do i need for this conversion?????? i no i need the distributor set up from the 1.8 because the current one will foul the heater box. Still need this part any for sale????? with mounting bracket please!!!!

What fly wheel do i use????

What Clutch do i use????

do i have to move the dip stick?????

What fuel pump do i use the Astra is still running its standard 1.8 fuel pump and the XE seems to run fine with this, plenty of power. The one on the Manta has already been uprated, will this be ok?????

also do i need to seem weld any of the engine bay if so where????

Is it easy to wire up???? my Manta's loom has been be bodged up loads in the past, so is in a poor way but the CIH ran fine using this crappy loom.

The Astra is currently got a power cap on it will this fit under the bonnet???? i no the SFI plastic box has to be adapted to allow the bonnet to close.

Sorry if some of the questions are stupid but before i get stuck in i thought i would ask now rather than later, Thanks Paul

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Loads of questions!!

try reading this article then see whats not been answered:-


you also have the optio to do away with the dizzy altogether if you want and use a megajolt set up!

if you are using the engine loom / ecu out of the donor car then you will probably not need your loom or much of it!

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I have a 1.8 distributor kit including disy, belt, coil, original alloy mount and bar, sproket wheel, wireing I bought off eBay two weeks ago but no longer need it cost me£60 I can send pictures if you like I was about to put it on eBay


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you can also out a square shape out of the heater box and then make a plastic box to fit in the hole for the dizzy to fit in, other way is to convert your 16v into a dizzy less system same as the later calibras then you can leave the heater alone.

use the flat type flywheel with 16v cover plate with GTE spinner plate.


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Rutts, using the GTE friction plate is not really a good idea, though it does work.

It's too small a diameter for the cover.

You want a calibra turbo/cav turbo friction plate and the normal (flat flywheel) XE cover.

If you ring Techniclutch they will do one brand new, uprated, with the flat type cover, kevlar cally turbo friction plate and manta release bearing, as a kit, for around £145, can't get fairer than that

PS as someone else said, even if you have the engine, go on migweb and ask for a dizzyless ecu, loom, coilpack, cam phase sensor and the trigger arm. Someone will have the lot off a car that they have gone over to throttle bodies and aftermarket ecu on, and with that lot you don't have to touch the heater, or put a dizzy conversion (which look a bit poo in my opinion) on, you just have to make a bracket for the coil pack.

here's one we've just put in a chevette with the dizzyless setup and you can see (just about) where I have made a new bracket for the coilpack, looks pretty stock and fairly tidy:


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I got a mix and ,match setup of an organic GT/e clutch disc with an uprated 16v cover and a manta release bearing from a guy on e-bay (Techniclutch) for about £90 the lot

Been running it for a year in my 16v manta, lsd in the rear end and plenty of abuse, no problems with it at all so far :thumbup

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very odd. Used a few and never had that problem. Had one more or less on the rivets and it never touched the flywheel.

Maybe it differs from one clutch manufacturer to another?

The kadett turbo on our website uses this setup and has just burnt its clutch (6 paddle turbo plate with uprated 16v XE cover) out and made no flywheel contact


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Thanks for the info from fellow XE owners, i have now got a spigot bearing for my XE crank, and thanks to Stuart i have now got a 1.8 dizzy set up i no this doesn't look as tidy as the coil pack (later ones) but this will do me fo now.

I do have a few more questions though!!!!

The Conversion guide i was sent looks very good but are the bulk head alterations necessary?????

and some people said use the flat type fly wheel??? is this a standard red top fly wheel or is this something else i need to get???? with the engine still being in the Astra i haven't had a look at it yet!!!!

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I think it was the early XE's that had the flat flywheel, the later ones went to a POT type which is much heavier

The lighter flywheel makes the engine more reponsive and thats why most people fit it.

They're easy to tell apart when you see one

the flat type is about 1" thick and the clutch plate sits level with the outer edge.

The pot type is more like 3" thick and the clutch plate sits down inside the flywheel

Have a google i'm sure there are pictures around showing the 2 types.

I would guess if you have a dizzy engine (rather than coilpack) it will have a flat type

But i'm not sure when vauxhall changed over :unsure:

You can use either type on your car so you don't NEED to change Just get the right cover to match the flywheel

But the flat is nicer allround :thumbup

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Hi,don't know where abouts in the country you are but I took my old 16v clutch co ver to a place in Leeds called Clutch and gearbox ltd.They recond my cover and made me a plate with splines to suit the manta gearbox while I waited.Only took half an hour and cost £50.There number is 0113 2426359 and they've got a website called C G Motorsport.

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