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Engine Trouble

Peter O Manta

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hi guys. im new to this. ive just got meself an 1983 manta 1.8s berlinetta. its in great nic but the last owner has told me that she keeps snapping cams about every 1000 miles. the strange thing is that it goes when shes ticking over. he has changed several cams and he has the head of and a new cam shaft came with the car. any ideas wat would be causing this before i rebuild engine.


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As Rutts says, probably a warped cam carrier, change it too.

If you want a whole head message me, I have a full low mileage 1800 sat in my container, £40 for the whole engine less sump, pickup pipe and mounts if you can collect it from leicestershire

PS there are also some dodgy 1800 cams out there, they were renowned for snapping in their day! Prob the oddest I have come across was on a 1600 astramax van.........

It snapped the cam just behind the fuel pump! We initially got very confused as it was very low on fuel, so we put some more in it thinking it had run out. Still no joy so we check for fuel at the pump, and it was pumping and fuel was coming out when we turned it over. Of course, seeing that turning also meant that we knew the cambelt was ok, so lots of head scratching ensued...............

what's that about assumptions making an ass out of you and me.......................never assume your camshaft is in one piece!!!!

We only found it when we found no spark, then of course checked the dizzy and found it wasn't spinning....

On the manta that is even more confusing as both the pump and dizzy can still be fine even when the rest of the camshaft is detached!!

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