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Diemensions Of A Big Wing Sump


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You dont say what 2.0L engine you have.

If its the Cam-in-head type i once put a wing on the sump, when you put better brakes on a Manta you get oil surge when braking uncovering the oil pick-up pipe. I drilled holes in the bottom side and one near the top (to prevent an air pocket) of the sump and welded on a box like wing on the starter motor side,cant do it on the other side as the exhaust is in the way.

If you have a latter overhead cam type engine it might be as well to measure up what space you have and work out what you can make with the skills and tools you have,trying to replicate the Manta 1800 cast alloy sump out of sheet metal would be quite a feet! (mind you if you can do this and you set up a production run you'd make a small fourtune!)

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