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Greetings, Old Kadett Coupe Owner


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Greetings all, and merry Christmas.

Ive joined the forum as I have started to get all nostalgic about the old Opel Kadett Coupes I use to own in the mid 90's. I had a mk1 1975, GVU 89N and a mk2 78 (cant remeber the reg, was on a T plate but I scrapped it so I know its dead) plus another I bought for spares as it was rotten as a pear!.

I cant seem to find a decent kadett forum, but I can se there is a little love for them on here aswell, so wondered if any member on here own kadett C's?

I'm going to start my search for another and I think being on here may help me in my search! I did sell my the white mk1 to some lads from Hull in 1997. The DVLA still lists it but says it is unregistered (not taxed), Anyone know a copper to do a PNC check on it? :lol:

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hi there to everybody, and merry xmas.

for anybody wanting a forum on kadett 'c's , just kadetts, not chevettes, or other front wheel drive varieties of kadetts, pop over and join us on:


there are a few of us kadett freaks on there, but not enough people seem to know about us!



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