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Valve Clearance

the german

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Even on a GTE with hydraulic tappets they still need setting. If they are not set correctly you will get running issues.

Generally someone would have had to have played with them. But it's still worth checking.

Do you have a Haynes manual??

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as people have said above gte models have hydraulic tappets which maintain correct clearance PROVIDING that they are working correctly & adjusted correctly. working on one cyl at a time.turn engine with spanner till valve 2 is fully open.then back off adjuster on arm 1.the tappet should begin to expand until its reached its full length (you can see the inner coming out,until it reaches the retaining cap)if the tapped doesnt expand properly then its either fully or partially seized.(or had been adjusted incorrect to start with & was already fully out)remove,dismantle,clean,reassemble,refit .a worthwhile job in any case if any doubt.

assuming all is now well.adjust arm down until tappet is JUST CLEARANCE FREE.then one turn down from this setting. rocker arm should settle down & have some movement again after a few minutes or so. repeat for other 7 valves.(one valve open,adjust other cylinders valve) job done !

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