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Rare 4X4 Senator

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Strange coincidence but we were talking about the Ferguson 4x4 cars at the Midlands area Christmas meal on Friday night and Mark Milsom was waxing lyrical about the Senator conversions that were commisioned by the MOD.

Could be a very interesting restoration job....and you get a set of Irmscher Rims to boot!

.....I wonder how easily the running gear would transplant onto a Manta.....hmm......

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I thought that car was on it's way over to here — must be another one that was for sale!

Nope, I'm sure that is the same one.

Looks like it could be another scammer type of post with mates bidding it up !

Never can tell, espescially when folk think thier pile of metal is worth more than they think !!!? B)

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Are you thinking of DPP 117Y Charlie?

Judging by the look of some of the other cars in the yard, I would say the guy is into decent old RWD cars - I'm sure there is another Monza/Senator in the background on one of the photos along with the 3 series Beemer.

From the wording of the advert, the guy seems very genuine, loads of up front info about how bad the car is and how it will need a ful restoration! Not the trademarks of a scammer but you never can tell!

He is local to me, so I wonder whether I should go and have a look......might be a bad move....

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