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Turbo Conversion?


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What options are there for a turbo conversion for a Manta B hatch? I've heard that you can use a C20LET but is there any alternatives eg Z20LET, Z20LEH ect?

I've got a 2.0 GTE just now and was going to do a conversion at some point in the next year and was looking at my options.

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IF you were to mount a z20leh (astra vxr 240bhp), you would have to use z20let ecu and remap it (same as you have to if you were puting a zleh in an astra mk4) as the leh' has a extremly complicated wiring system called can bus not sure exactly what it is butlaugh.gif. So either way you would probly need the z20let ecu.

Then theres always custon managmentbiggrin.gif which aint cheaptongue.gif

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Drop GTEPETE a PM he has done a turbo conversation to a CIH engine, will post up the link when i remember where i filed it.lol

As to turbo conversation on other engines, i am sure someone will be along shortly to post a link or two.....



I'm ah ears :D

You need an 1.8 gearbox because the bit where the starter goes? is on the other side [gt/e] then engine mounts/sump/oil pipe. I reckon £600-£700 to get the bits and bobs AND you still need to pay for the red-top rebuild!. Rebuild your CIH or you could buy an 320i for £600.

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I have an Opel Manta 2.0 GT/E and a spare Z20LEH without gearbox. Any news regarding this swap? I've already imagined that I would need the Z20LET ecu and remap, that's not a problem, but what about the gearbox?

If the block is similar to the 20XE and Z20LET, would it then fit more or less in an easy way?


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Do you mean that the Z20LEH engine should fit straight forward to the Manta chassis or to the Manta/Omega gearbox?

If it's to the gearbox, people say they need a 1.8 Manta gearbox to fit a red top so I suppose I would have to look for one of this or an Omega one... but which one from the Omega? 1.8 engine Mantas were not sold here so I think it would be easier to look for an Omega gearbox.

To fit the Manta chassis, I suppose I should need some mods as needed to fit a red top to the Manta, right?


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