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Gte Wheels X4


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im selling these on behaf of a guy i work with. A set of 4 GTE wheels with centrecaps. All are in very good condition. couldnt find and kerbing and they are all straight. All the tyres have good tread. 2 are brand new and 2 are hardly worn

pics -









Price is £200 ono, wheels are located in cornwall

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I have 12 of them sat around and most have good tyres.Sorry but have to agree with previous comment. Good luck though and thanks for posting them up we appreciate it :thumbup

I paid £200 for a brand new set of exclusive wheels all with new tyres.

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im sure these were on png or migweb as well with no interest, probably be better to sell the centrecaps and weigh in the wheels, as was mentioned before he will not get that kind of money, not on here anyways.

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Hi there,

Just to let you know your mate aint ever going to get that kind of money for those alloys.

You can pick these up very cheaply I only paid £25 for a set of four.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but he might want to adjust his price a wee bit.




What are doing with them Dean? might be interested ;)


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^ If you go onto ebay and type 'wheel courier' in the search there's a bloke who can collect and deliver for a good price. That'll certainly be the most standard manta ronals have sold for in a very long time, but you could have at least washed them Bubba!! :D

I may have to readvertise my exclusive alloys!

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