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Breaking 1979 Cavalier Sportshatch 2000 Gls


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Breaking Cavalier Spotshatch 2000 GLS 1979

Located in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire

Please note - shell needs to be taken away by 14th-19th January latest and car still needs to roll so steering, brakes and suspension unavailable. You will need to take any parts off the car and I have no garage or facilities.

Doors and wheels potentially gone already

Rear hatch and bonnet in excellent condition

Interior lovely - a couple of small plastic finishers missing and the tops of the door finishers are losing colour (looks to be wear not fading)

Gearbox and/or diff potentially noisy but available

Engine strong but has not run for 3 months due to fuel starvation issue

All glass intact

Radiator thought to be good

Lights good bar one headlamp

Bumpers ok

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I still haven't worked out how to post pics but this is the car - the front seats are in decent condition despite or because of having covers on in the photo http://www.apgraphx.co.uk/ebay-manta/cav-coupe-SWP838V.html . It would be better if the interior went as a whole so would sell the interior or front seats for £60. However, it is snowing heavily out today and the car needs to go by the 14th January so this may prove a problem. PM if you want my phone number please. No headrests for looks Gold to me.



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