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Manta Gte Recaros


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New here! I'm into VWs, but have somehow fallen inlove with some recaros that came OEM in a Manta.

I was wondering if anyone had a mint set of these kicking around? Are they hard to get hold of? How much have they/do they normally go for?



There are also these, that I think I like MORE. Anyone got any information on what the bolster material is made of?


My location is BD20 5UH, UK and I can travel to collect them.

Hope someone knows of some somewhere! I'm in no immediate rush to find some, but I thought I would start the hunt anyway!


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Wouldn't mind that back seat part with the Opel badges on, could swap you one to match the other bit of tha back seat and some money, although not perfect and depends where you are.

Course if you put the bit with the opel badge on on ebay you might find it went for a disproportionately high price depending exactly what it is and condition.

(assuming you have the bits you have pics of and they aren't just sample pics)

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