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Water Pumps An Fans


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my water pump has pakd in and i have 2 spare but ther different one is a kinda of free spin fan an the other is just fixd which is better cheers


The viscous coupling type are supposed to save energy when the car is moving fast enough to cool itself without. Thesre is a little more to them than just that though. The couplings lose drive with age and can lead to overheating.

The fixed type always do the job but rob you of a little power.

One's efficient when working, the other always works but is inefficient.

Your choice.


I always used 2.0 fixed fan on 3.0 conversions, cheap, reliable, good in traffic and takes less space than visco.

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Does the use of a fixed fan reduce the life of a water pump?

Overhanging weight, might not be perfectly balanced etc etc

.............just a thought......

weren't the pumps designed with a fan attachment in mind and everything else is an amendment or evolution, so it shouldn't take it outside the MTBF, plus ALL the standard Visco fans overhang farther than the fixed fan.

Visco couplingf fail over time, while electric fans....... well often the thermostatic switch fails and peoples first clue is overheating.

Visco fan on my engine has been failing gradually for the last hundred thousand or so miles....... heater on in traffic in summer :)

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