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1984 Manta Berlinetta Hatchback.auto(Now Sold)


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Hello everyone.Here for (very regretable)sale is,in my and many others opinion, very lovely 1984 Manta Berlinetta hatchback.It is a 1.8 auto in gold.The car is showing just over 73000 miles,believed genuine,is totally standard and in very good condition,especially the underside of the car.My local spanner thrower(and ex Manta racer!) got the car on his lift and reckons its one of the best he has ever seen!It has had a couple of plates welded and this has been carried out to a high standard apparently.Inside is also good apart from the usual wear to the drivers seat bolster and both of the door pockets have cracks in them.The headlining is intact and unmarked,the dashtop is crack free,carpets and door cards etc are good and everything in the cabin works.Mot and taxed until August.Recent oil and filter,plugs,rotor arm,dizzy cap,new tailgate struts.

The car was advertised on e-bay last June and some of you may have seen it.It was the car where a previous owner had tried to defraud his insurance company by removing the VIN and number plates while failing to notice that every piece of glass and light lenses have the registration number etched on them!!He got away with a police caution.I have not got round to replacing the VIN plate yet.I am the registered owner and have a the new V5 in my possesion.Obviously any prospective buyer would want to do their own checks and of course this would not be a problem.

I am only selling the car because i realise i need something with longer legs(dont we all!)for my fairly long motorway commute to work.I should have thought of this at the time i bought it but my heart massively over ruled my head at the time.Plus its in far to good condition to use in this crappy winter we are having at the moment.

I dont want to be misleading in my description of my car so please come round,go over the car with a fine tooth comb and enlighten me to anything i may have missed or not described correctly.The car can be viewed in Portsmouth and i am asking £1500.Please phone 07880777414 for more details and a Manta chat! E-mail mike.vx490@btinternet.com.

Finally can some one tell me in simple terms how to post photos on the website!?I have quite a few already on photobucket but i just cant figure out how to post them!(words of no more than one syllable!!!)

A belated happy new year to everyone and best regards.Mike.

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When you are viewing photobucket! select the bottem link (there is four) press the right mouse button,

a menu will 'pop up' then select 'Copy', then! post an new post! (on here) click right mouse button, then select 'paste' then post.

hope that helps



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(sorry to hijack thread) Very nice looking car. The previous owner posted on here (explaining her problems and how she sorted it out) It's fair point from Dave! However, I know, 'sometimes you pay more' for my car than it was advertise for. vx1964? try pistonheads and gumtree also.

GL with Sale.


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