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Daewoo Engine Same As Manta?


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Hi, i have been given a daewoo espero 1.8 and i know that the daewoos use vauxhall parts and was wondering if the 1.8 in the daewoo is the same as the 1.8 used in the manta's apart from the front wheel drive bits fitted on it?

if anyone got any ideas the engine will be goin up for sale.



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In a word, No.

Daewoo use old tooling from GM, the trouble is the quality of the parts was not very good and the parts had "improvements" that make them different and not really all that compatible with other GM stuff, plus for older cars the extra emmissions bits added t the daewoo engines means they have extra holes for sensors and cams that are suited for the injection systems not carbs, plus you cannot swop manta ignitions and inlet manifolds easily.

The 1.8 and the 2litre 16V engines from Daewoo look very similar and might be adaptable for manta use with a bit of effort but I would not bother, the reliablity and wear issues were quite bad when I was working for them and i would not do much more than weigh it in to be honest.

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The engine in my Lacetti is a copy of the Ecotec 3 (whatever 3 is?) there are some familiar looking components like bosch and siemens stuff as well as some very strange looking 'korea only' crap, but as Paul says it doesn't quite look the drop and bolt in as the Ecotec from a Vauxhall. However there are some later Chevrolet's that are only Chevrolet, as in no Daewoo eqivalent or rebadge that do have actual Ecotec engines, unfortunately it'd be a while before we can experiment with them plus there are very few on the road of certain models.

I did fancy a Chevrolet Cruze which was launched last year, but have got too attached to my Lacetti to trade it in now :D

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Delta 2?? I'm pretty keen on them, there's a heck of a lot there for the money plus the Cruze has a copy of the Corvette dashboard so you've got the blue clocks and the neeedle glows red (more than just that but that's what nearly sold it for me :lol: ).

I nearly bought the Epica but because they only do the top spec model with a diesel engine I turned it down, plus the 6 cylinder petrol engine is only 2 litre (I hate to think where it came from :huh: ). The Cruze's biggest petrol engine is only 1.8 but it's got some fairly impressive performance figures for a small capacity and would be the one I'd have, but again there's 2 diesel options which are technically higher spec and that has completely ruined it for me, I'll never buy a diesel and never buy a lower/lesser model.

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