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Hi im new, i recently bought a d reg manta gte in white. so thought it would be best to join. as soon as the snow clears in will get her out the garage to add some pictures.

just a little info on the car, 77k im now the second owner, full main dealer service history. http://http://i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk167/chriscavturbo/Image0097.jpg

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Hello und welcome tae the mad mad world owe thi Manta :thumbup as above hiv awe word with your local rep as there are plenty regional meets,Nat meet, International run oots,help and advise on all that is Manta,Ascona,Cavi basically the whole Opel family. :)

cheers rab.

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Welcome to the OMOC Forum we hope you enjoy your time here. Please may I take this opportunity to make you aware that you are only seeing a subset of what is on this site, other "Premium" content is available to "paid up" members of the OMOC. Memebership can be purchased through paypal for a nominal fee. :)

Of course it you have paid a club membership all that will be available to you shortly and please ignore me.

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Thats probably me then! (Closest Rep).

Welcome to the club.

Stradacab who posted earlier on is also from Bristol, he comes over to South Wales for meets/shows etc...

which part of Brizzle are you located?

im in filton north end of bristol.

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