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2.0Ltr Cih Bits Onto 2.2 Carlton Engine


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starter & alternator are fine.as is exhaust manifold but you will need a correct 2.2 inlet manifold as the ports are in a different position. if you use 2 litre injection loom/ecu you will need to fit the 5th injector also as a 2.2 doesnt have one.

dont forget also you will need to fit the manta sump,oil pick up pipe & dipstick hole/guide .

and 2.2 thermostat housing

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Hi does anyone know whether i can bolt the 2.0ltr Cih injection manifold, exhaust, starter, alternator etc to a 2.2 carlton lump?



With a bit of mucking about you can but if you haven't done much modding before i wouldn't bother as it is a bit tricky.

The best way is to fit 2.0 head fitted with the 2.2 valves (inlet and exhaust) and mildly port (literally smooth up) the ports. This will give a big improvement in flow for the price of recutting the seats and half a day with a die grinder. The std 2.0 injection can then be fitted.

CCC mag (Dave Walker to be precise)did a test for doing just this with big gains. The 2.0 engine was timed 0-100, the head was then removed and fitted to a std 2.2 bottom end and the run done again. The 0-100 time came down by 33% due to the increase in low down and mid range torque. more can be gained from the 2.4 but the increase is not as great.



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