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My 1985 Gte Galss Back


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i got an 85 GTe hatch, about to have its second engine as the last one has packed up, its white with the 2.0ltr CIH lump, have a 3.9 rover waiting in the garage for it but as im only 20 cnt yet afford that sort of insurance.

was given it two years ago and it was in poor condition, since owning it i have renewed all break lines and fuel lines its had a LOT of welding recieved bodywork to the front wings, had a head gasket and general overhall. it was on the road for about 2 months before engine went but in that time managed to do 3000 trouble free miles. its an awsome car and has really got me into the whole manta scene, it will soon be going in primer grey untill i can afford to give it a nice new spray job, and within the next month will be recieving new vented discs and a lowering kit. not sure what to do about the lowering kit was thinking of a f55/r40 drop to give it a bit of a rake. but still thinking. also hoping to fit disc conversion to rear and fit mk4 astra calipers n discs.

Let you all know how i get off with the engine this weekend and thanks to everyone on here who has helped me so far












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