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Wanted: 5 Speed Gearbox Mounting


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I've been looking to find this gearbox mount through various sites but nothing foundsad.gif .

Does anyone knows where to find one of this?

The Opel/Vauxhall agents in Cyprus do not have stock & there isn't a possibility of ordering one from themangry.gif .

Please help

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Don't know if helps but try to search in this opel parts sites or enter in contact with them.



In the opelgtforum there is some topic of a opel parts suplier in greece (not very far from cyprus) the data that are there is:

Anthony Drosos

Opel spare parts sales / Export Manager

Tralleon 9- Nea Smyrni

Athens-Greece-TK 171/21

Tel – Fax: (+030) 210 93 14 121 (10 lines)

E-mail: alpharm@otenet.gr


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Can't see why you would pay a fortune for a mount when you could just use an engine mount costing 8 quid and 2" thick ( pearl parts, PB316 " cotton reel engine mount EM672 LRG )


the same thickness and mount it to 2 flat steel bars with holes in them?

You can use the same mount for your 16v engine and let and floppy cih ones too :thumbup

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