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Hello From The West Mids! - Slammed Mk1 Cavalier


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Hi Guys,

Well, some of you may recognise this car as it's been up on this board before I got hold of it! I've done quite a bit of work on it since them so I'll have to get a build thread up!

Needless to say I have a serious dis-function when it comes to old Vauxhalls and Opels; I can't get enough of them...Every time I sell one to do something sensible I end up buying another one because I miss it!

Anyway Here's a pic for now to whet your appetite:


P.S. I'm after all the stuff to 5-speed it (it's fitted with a 2.0 CIH) and a Weber carb to replace the GM Vari jet 2. Oh yeah, and if anyone has a cheap set of springs (stock or lowered let me know).



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old skool = retro cool! nice motor, and welcome

Q: are the rims, banded! ive always wanted to band a set of original 13inch cav rims complete with chrome caps!

more pics wanted!

IF IM RIGHT< are you the guy from RETRO CARS MAG, Rob, that had the kadett saloon 4 dr, if so? nice move, bigger bro! and a bit more power?

think it was the toy in your avatar, give me the clue! maybe im wrong?

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