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Hidden Gte Coupe On Ebay, Looks Good...

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Mantya gte ebay link innit

This one doesn't appear in the 'opel manta' search results so incase anyone has missed it, I thought I'd link it.

The ad description as usual is crap but the pictures show a very nice car at a glance and when did you last see an engine bay that clean in a non show car!? It's nearly at £2k now with reserve still not met, any more than a 2k will be daft with that little MOT left and this moment in time, then again some folk go daft for coupes...

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Worth that maybe but it won't sell for that'd be my guess, the price it sells for (or doesn't sell for) isn't always necessarily what it's worth, else there'd be no such thing as a bargain or paying over the top for something. It's a miserable time of the year, most people don't have much disposble income (or even a job thanks to the EU!) and as I've always said, if you want a good price for your car 'get a new MOT!!'

Still less than £2k at the moment with just over a day to go. Be nice to fall into club hands given the condition.

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It does, there's a picture of just the front wheel where it's really obvious, but the back looks a little more normal height. There are some lowering spring kits that are a bit rubbish and don't give a very even drop, plus with the quads fitted this car may have a few more modifications than expected which we can only guess as the seller cant be bothered to tell us! There's also the indication to a respray with the rear decals being the wrong size and the front bumper one being in the wrong place.

Same price, 10 hours.

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