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Hi everyone! New to the forum and any form to be honest, Would just like to give the big tumbs up on this sight and the cars your members have built! I am from ireland 30yrs old and have let my grey 87 gte 400 rep project take over my life! Im all alone in the manta world. I bought my car off Tim J (TJ motorsport) 6yrs ago, for track days ect,best thing i ever did, quickly realised id fallen in love. The car had a 2.2 in it when i bought it and was in lovely shape. I knew very little about mantas when i got it, Or had never did much more then service'n and plying with previous toys. Since then iv bein up to my neck in pullin cars apart/cuting them up and welding them back together. Luckly enuf im a welder by trade, The car needed a bit of work and i wos inspired to start my first project! Not hahing the first clue what i was doing i striped the car. For all sorts of reson's(mainly £$£$£$£ and busy builing an xe escort rally car for my ol man) iv bein side tracked with my manta. The time has come to get stuck in and finish it. So far iv scrubed/cleaned every inch of the car, seem welded,put in a cage, polly bushed,quick rack,corsa c power stearing,std xe in but not running, 400 kit mocked up on car, I think i need to meet up with other manta peo have bein throu it allready to tel me im not crazy!!! Sorry lads you'l have to excuse the bad spelling and gramer! angle grinders are more my thing! Im gona try get sum pics up soon as i can figure it out

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Heck, Murf400, that is one hell of an introduction.

Welder by trade myself too, well welder fabricator to be precise, I used to be on here all the time but not so much these days, as such I don't feel privvy to welcome you to us as I feel a bit of an outsider myself these days, but Welcome anyway.

Whereabouts are you in the UK Murf400?

Ooops EDIT:- I just re-read and see you are in Ireland ;)

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