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Torque Setting For 22I Head


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hi could any one tell me the torque wrench setting for the cylinder head on the 22i and is this done hot or cold,thanks for your help matt


I'm pretty sure that the torque setting is 72ft/lb's. Obviously you torque up to this in 3 or 4 steps increasing the torque each time. Check your bolts though they could be stretch bolts, these usually are the 6 point torx style of head. THESE CANNOT BE USED AGAIN!!!! You can get sets of new ones but i would find a bolt supplier and order a new set of std cap head (allen key type) with a 12.9 tensile rating . These were fitted on earlier CIH motors and can be re-used. Last set i bought cost 25 quid.

There is another type of bolt which is the 12point (i think) torx type. These can also be re used. the stretch bolts have a torque setting but then apply a 270(???) deg extra rotation in 3 steps (unsure about this!!!) Maybe someone else can enlighten us!!!!!!

Just as a pointer a few guys who are racers from other forums reckon that the stretch bolts are really poor and have had head gasket failures using them, but they will be running higher comp ratios than you.



Hope this helps

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