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Hi Everyone - I've Just Registered With The Club!

E416 PBO

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Just like to introduce myself..

I've an 1987 Manta GT/E coupe, polar white, reg number E416 PBO.

It has immaculate Grey Recaro Interior, immaculate genuine GT/E kit, and genuine GT/E wheels.

I hope to build a 400 replica, however find parts is almost impossible and extremly costly.

I bought the car in 2005 and I've been slowly collecting parts since.

At the moment, I've got the following;

  • New Manta 400 kit from Mr. Chapman, (excellent quality)
  • Irmscher 3 piece boot spoiler,
  • genuine 5 stud 15" alloys with 205/50/15 on the front and 225/50/15 on the rear,
  • wide 400 axle from Commodore GS/E (with standard discs and diff)
  • 5 stud front hubs and brakes off Commodore 2.5 GS
  • Engelmann mirrors,
  • Irmscher steering wheel.

Soon, I hope to start stripping the car to the bare metal and starting from there so I hope you'll all help me out with our tech help.

Forgot to say, I'm from Ireland.

Chat soon,


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Welcome aboard Luke thumbsup.gif

ever thought about having a nice coupe and a 400 rep project wink.gif



Ideally, that what I'd love to do but finance is a problem!!!

This is an expensive game.

Getting stuff delivered to Ireland from any other country is almost twice of the cost of getting stuff delivered to Uk. It drives me nuts!!!

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