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Carb Problem

big g13

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Hi lads, I finally got round to servicing the carb on my ascona and its running much better. I still have a problem with it cutting out when I brake hard to a stop tho. Could it be something to do with the vacuum to the servo? everything seems to be plumbed in right including the oneway valve but I have to keep it alive when braking for junctions.

Its a 1.9 with zenith

Any idea?

Cheers G :thumbup

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My old A ran like a bag O' shite at idle and it was drawing air through the servo pipe. The pipe was of the braided type and I think it was probably the original,replaced it and things were fine.

If you replace it make sure you get the correct stuff, any good motor factor will stock the right stuff.

Have you set the carb up by ear or have you had a CO tester up its bum?

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When you brake the servo lets air into the inlet manifold making the car run lean. If replacing the servo hose solves the problem it means you are runnign too lean already with air leaks and braking is the straw that breaks the camel's back.

Otherwise you're a little lean at idle.

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