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What To Look For?


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hi all

i,m going to view a manta a auto this week,very original condition and i,m

wondering is there anything to look out for?

having never owned a manta before i,m in the dark as to problems to look out for!

any info would be gratefully received and used.

hopefully it will be all ok and i will become a manta owner at last........thumbsup.gif

cheers terry

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the biggest enemy of anything this age and made of metal is rust!

If you go though the project sections there are restorations of Manta A's and you will see some of the welding a car can require.

Usual stuff about how even a good looking car can be a basket case underneath etc etc

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Look @

Complete length both chassis legs

All floor pan area

Front lower and rear lower panels

Rear lower quarters

Jacking points

All panels / arches and within.

Engine bay, wing rails and inner, rear of lights and front panel seam,top side chassis legs within engine bay,when there have a good look around engine for any leaks water /oil

If vinyl roof condition overall, window rubbers/seal and at doors

`A` Pillar and all round door edges

Interior/ signs of ware and tare/ if possible lift internal carpet to check inner sils and floor pan back and front.

Start up engine and and take for a run if possible.

Check all lights and all instuments are in working order.

Think that shoild be enough for getting on with hope it helps.If possible get a local club member to pop along with you to have a look over the car.

cheers rab.

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