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Sadly we have got to let this manta go we were restoring it but due to new work commitments its got to go..

We bought the car from Paul Newport two years ago with the intention to restore, the car has been in storage now since 04 it does have a V5 and keys and some work has been finished but still has a fair amount to complete.

Work to be done......


N/S jacking piont replacment and also a small crack the other side of the leg.


N/S sill has had two sections cut ready for new plates one just behind the door


and one at the front of the rear arch


and also the N/S lower rear 1/4


On the O/S it needs a fuel filler neck


and either some good repairs to the arch or new arch and rear of sill



As the car stands now apart from the above its in good nick due to long term storage but we were going to get it painted once it had been completed,heres a few pixs..






The front is sitting rather high due to std gte springs and Ive not conected up the rollbar or put the interior back in yet.

With the car will come new Avo rear springs,new fuel tank,koni front shoxs,Tarox discs

The engine has had a new cambelt,waterpump and gaskets.

The cars showing 05051 miles but you will have to ask Paul if thats 2nd time around or more.

Price wise we paid Paul £400 for it to cover the cost that those wanted parts would fetch on ebay and will ask the same but we also have a few other parts that if the buyer wants will will let go,these are a new sportex exhaust system and also silver 15'' tsw imola's if the buyer wants them we will ask £600 lot.Like Paul I would prefer to see this car roll into Billing one year rather than broke for its bits but beggers cant be choosers so I wont judge or even ask ,but would say this is a perfect car for a budding mechy and wouldnt take to much to get going. Car will need to be gone within 4 -5 weeks so if no joy here in the next couple of weeks it will go on ebay and probably end up going to a escort owner :(

Car is located in Burgess Hill, West Sussex

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