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Trying To Trace Details Of An Old Opel Dealership


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Hey everyone, not been on here for ages! A peep from the Datsun scene is trying to find some details about an Opel dealership in Sunderland. Here's his message;

"I was wondering whether you could help me find out the old phone number of my Grandad's Opel dealership. He ran it from 1966 to 1982 as an Opel dealership in Sunderland. Its name was Denis Howey Limited, Roker Park Garage, Sunderland. I want to find out the old phone number as used in the 80s for a little tribute I am getting made up. Maybe your Opel pals have some literature or old dealer brochures that will list the phone numbers. After 1982 the Opel franchise was terminated as GM tried to push him into selling Vauxhalls instead which he did not want to do."

I'm sure any help will be appreicated, thanks!

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According to the 1970 Opel Main Dealer list the Sunderland dealer was Topcar Motors, Sea Road, Fulwell, Sunderland. Telephone number was Sunderland 59797. No mention of the above company or garage I'm afraid.

Thanks for the information Steve. Have you seen much of E555 KHY recently, btw ?

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