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'77 Mini Clubman Estate - £5500

Retro Power

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Probably of no interest to you lot, but we need to free up a bit of space (and obviously the cash wouldn't go amiss either!) so my '77 Clubby estate is going up for sale....

The car is fresh from a complete restoration (last year - hasn't been on the road since), but prior to this the car was certainly not in poor condition, having been rust-proofed when new (this is shown on the original receipt which I have). None of the front-end panels required replacment, (except the bonnet, which was replaced more out of procedure than neccessity) infact the only new panels required were door skins, floorpans and sills. Heritage panels were used and fitted to the highest possible standard - you cannot tell any metalwork has been carried out at all.

The original outer panels were all totally straight (including the roof - not a single dent present) prior to the restoration, so this was an ideal starting point.

Once the shell had been repaired it was repainted in the original 'Antique Gold' and then the rebuild process began, which involved a huge number of new parts. Basically every part was inspected and if there was any kind of defect, a new part was ordered to replace it... The only things that could not be sourced new were the rear quarter bumpers (most people change them for the van type items, which are still available) one of which has some very slight pitting to the chrome.

New parts externally that I can think of off the top of my head are - headlamps, headlamp bowls, headlamp surrounds, indicator lenses, front bumper, front bumper underriders, door mirrors, door seals, door window channel seals, rear side window seals and draught exluders, rear door seals, rear door hinges, rear lights, rear numberplate backplate and brackets, seam channels, sill-seam trims, fuel tank, fuel tank mounts, exhaust, most suspension and brake components, all badges and graphics and no doubt many more that I can't think of right now!

Inside the car was fitted with new carpet throughout, but most of the rest is original - all the vinyl trim is in perfect condition and the headlining is unripped. The seats are original, and they do have a couple of small cigarette burns, but they had survived from 1977, so it was decided to leave them in for the sake of originality. I must say, I've never seen a colour scheme that screams '70s' as much as the Antique Gold with Brown vinyl/velour you see here!

There are a couple of subtle mods from original - The steering wheel is a smaller, period Mountney item, the distributor is a brand new electronic one, so it starts first crack every time rain or shine! Finally I've fitted it with wider, Black powdercoated Minilight wheels with new Yokohama tyres. I will also include a set of narrow minilights with good tyres which are a bit more 'plod' and mot tester friendly!

Mechanically the car is spot-on. The engine fires instantly every time, there is no smoke whatsoever, even from cold, and no rattles etc. the gearbox and clutch are equally faultless.

The car comes with the original order form and receipt from 1977, owners manual, 12months MOT and 6 months tax. It has had 3 previous owners, the owner prior to me (2007-2009) had the car in his garage, but it never turned a wheel. Before that it belonged to the same person from 1995.

In summary - this is a near-as-dammit perfect Clubman Estate, that is ready to use for the summer shows. It is sat in my workshop under a cover waiting for the right person to fall in love with it, so feel free to get in touch, and come by for a chat, a brew and a drool!




















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Stuning Mini - had a 1275GT myself until some stoopid young lady crossed into my lane and wrote it and nearly me off in the process - still hanker after one - love the Clubby estate my own favourite :thumbup Just a shame I have no room and a Commodore Coupe to finish.....

Very best of luck with the sale (jealous, jealous, jealous ;) _

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