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Manta A Stripes


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Not all SR models had the Rallye stripes as per those pics. They were an optional extra and came with the black bonnet. As standard they just had two pin stripes (painted on). When I first got my car it still had some of it's painted stripe, but after it's respray it got them as stickers. I'll see if I can scan a brochure pic in decent enough quality.

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Thanks everyone ,

quite like the wider stripes and the idea of a black bonnet but would it be matt or gloss finish and would it look ok with the vinyl roof thumbsup.gif


I think that is matt finish the wider stripes give a very beautifull touch in the lines of the car.

In the end is all a question of taste, if you like wider strypes and vinyl roof, do it.


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The bonnet should be matt black. The stripe kits are available from Dr Manta. I think it depends on the colour of the car whether the bonnet and wide stripes look good. Certainly the lighter colours like yellow and white look great that way, not so sure about the darker ones.

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I've got the Wider GT/E stripes on mine, pretty sure the previous owner said they where from Dr Manta..


This is one of the prettiest looking 'A's around, did this not live in Glasgow at some time?

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