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Xe Dizzy To Coilpack


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Hi, i'm thinking to change my xe engine from dizzy to coilpack. Can anybody tell me what parts are needed to do this?

I know i'll need a dizzy blanking plate, coilpack, loom and suitable ecu. Do I have to change anything else or are all sensors etc the same?

Cheers, Peter.

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i researched this some years ago for the a series, in the end went for mbe and throttle bodies. The guy who explained all this too me had used ri carbs on an xe he fitted into a capri. i'm no expert but maybe it will give you some ideas.

here are your options:-

parts you need are

1. a crank pulley from a 1.8 sierra lx the one with the 1.8 cvh engine

2. or a alloy crank pulley from sbd http://www.sbdev.co.uk/

3.crank sensor off 1.8 sierra or flywheel sensor off escort and fiesta

4. a coil pak off an escort fiesta or mondeo

5.the esc unit(fitted on inner wing on escort or rear bulkhead on fiesta) and wiring off a escort mk4 1.3 or fiesta 1.1 this has a red insert and a vac pipe some fords have a edis 4 unit looks the same as the esc but no red insert and vac pipe has a sticker with edis4 on the plug part

6. a blanking plate for the dizzy hole in the back of the cylinder head


if you want to build a mappable ignition then get the edis 4 and the wiring as it is slightly different

then you also need a megajolt this is the mappable unit to use with the edis 4 heres a link http://www.picasso.org/mjlj/

if you dont want to go down the scapyard route you can buy a mappable ignition system called mbe from sdb this plugs on to the xe crank sensor

if your going for throttle bodies then you will need the more epensive mbe the does fueling as well as ignition

1. to run standard injection loom etc from donor car you need to keep the dizzy and cut the bulkhead or get a later type loom ecu etc as this has no dizzy and has a sensor on the cam where the dizzy is now the standard stuff wont work with the esc

2 use the esc and put carbs on either webers or bike carbs

3 to use bike throttle bodies you will need to change the esc for the edis4 module (very similar) + wiring and buy a ecu the cheapest is megasquirt this controls the fueling and ignition

links here http://www.megasquirt.info/ http://www.mtechautomotive.co.uk/ just seach on google for megasquirt

there are other ecu's like mbe and emerald etc

4 if you buy the MBE you dont need to make a pulley etc as this runs off the standard crank sensor on the xe there are 2 versions 1 is ignition only to run carbs and the other does ignition and injection this would work with the standard injection setup and loose the dizzy and would work with throttle bodies if you changed later on this does cost more but it is plug and go there are no messing around making pulleys brackets etc

i have seen a dizzy xe converted to coilpack but not sure how it was done.

also remeber if you remove the dizzy you will have to drill and tap the oil gallery on the cam after removing the dizzy so you can screw in the m10x1.0mm plug they send with the blanking plate to ensure good oil pressure!!

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the easy way if using bike carbs/weber/dellortos if you dont have a manta heater box is use a astra gte mk1 dizzy with a peugeot 205 bosch dizzy cap which puts the leads facing the same way as a 16v dizzy ;)

Talbot Samba 1360 dizzy cap is the same putting the leads at 90deg :thumbup

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