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It's 25 Years Since I Owned A Manta...

Dave Stew

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I owned a 1978 1.9 Berlinetta Coupe in 1983 (when I was 18). Loved it, modded it a bit as much as Sainsburys wages would allow. In 1985 I bought another. My Dad had a brand new 1.8s hatch and I remember the novelty of the five speed Getrag box.

Anyway - call it middle age, but I really want a Manta again. This time I want something that has been updated with a modern engine (red top 16v or similar), decent brakes etc. Do these cars ever come up? I bought a Mk2 RS2000 project car in 1992 but never finished it, so know my limitations.

Anyway, enough wittering. My everyday car is a Volvo V70 T5 and I am a regular on their forum, so I'm always aware of that awkward first post!

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Hi Dave welcome to the forum,

these cars do come up now and then, just have to keep looking though.

why dont you buy a standard manta and put your t5 engine in? :lol::lol::D

Yep, that would be cool, 250 bhp in something virtually half the weight! My first Manta coughed out 95bhp at the back wheels on a ported head, high lift cam, Weber 32/36 DGV and 2" EARS exhaust.

But that is digressing!

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Hi dave just like to say i had a manta berlinneta in 1992 couldnt aford insurance on a gte, remember fitting a child seat to it as my daughter was just born, i bought a gsi hatch last year hence the mid life cris'is, oh and by the way my daughters 18 this year oh dear!!!!!

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Hi mate and welcome to the forum.

I have only been on here since Oct 08 and it is one of the best forums I am on.

Mind you can also look out for the Cavalier coupes and hatches as they are pretty much identical to the earlier Manta B's.

Here is a couple of pics from us in the north with the cavvy's.

This one is mine


and this one is Colin's.


I hope to have a 2.2 with kent cam, 38dgas, ported manifold and other bits and pieces done fitted next month.



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Yep, they look good - very similiar to my two Bs I had all those years ago, less the single slot nose.

hi and a warm welcome dave

midlife crisis happens to us all and want a car from your youth <_<

Aha, I lived in wet Manchester all my life until three years ago. Your hatch in the sig looks identical to the one my Dad bought in 1983. It was an A reg (A227 SMB - how sad is that to remember) and it was the first new car he ever had. Prior to that he had a 1978 Rekord Berlina HL in seventies orange. Got to drive that too as a 17 year old kid!

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Here we go, I found a couple of pics.

This one is circa Nov 1985, Southport I think. Clock the 80's hair!


A couple from Southport beach, the previous yellow 1.9. Post donuts. (I was 19...) Circa summer 1984.



Chester, circa October 1984.


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Welcome, Dave. Loving these pics. Same story for me - owned a GTE coupe 20 years ago and now reliving the dream with another one. Call me sad but tonight I'm polishing a set of Ronals while listening to Fleetwood Mac and it could just as easily be 1989!

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Welcome aboard, I assume you are in the North West with the piccies.

I got my first Manta(ish) car in 1983, I've still got the mutha, maybe time I weighed it in for a nice Ford Ka or something. :blink:

I'm sure you will find the car your after in the for sale ads on the forum, just keep checking.

Have fun, Sam.

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