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Hello From Drizzly Bournemouth


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Hi all!,

New on here & just got my first Opel and he's a 1986 GTE Hatch in Polar white. Rescued from London, am delighted to say it's very straight for its age, runs beautifully and apart from a little paint work to do

over the coming summer and some attention to one of the rear arches, is in top condition.

Fortunatley ive a mate who works for a local garage, and have had it up on the ramps to give it the once over. Apart from having both sills done some time ago (done well and painted over after) appears to be very solid. I was shocked to see how good it was despite all my expectations of what the underside of a Manta would be like.

Next step is to get the floor pan under-sealed and tidy up the paint work. Im not interested in modifiying it, or changing stuff around. Prefer my cars to be as the left the factory. This is my only wheels at the moment, and my daily driver..it's being used again properly for the first time in ages ( i believe it was kept garaged) which has help keep it rot-free smile.gif

Im a bit paranoid about keeping it clean and rust free, so its had a good coat of wax and a polish..and looks the nuts smile.gif

Interior is like new, with no damage to the seats or anything!. Just in the process of sourcing a period radio/cassette as it had a nasty modern c.d player which looked totally out of place sad.gif




smile.gif Retro driving!


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