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Hello Again . .


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Hi everyone

Some of you might remember me from a few years ago, I got a lot of help from the people on this site with my 16v hatchback project which I started probably back in 2006 or so, here's the original posts of my project from when I started it . .

16v Hatch project

and another

16v hatch project update

Some pics of the project from the start -

The car as it was when I bought it in July 2004


I drove for a year or so as it was, but eventually knackered the original 2.0 GTE engine (It certainly took some punishment in its final days . . ) ;)

So of course it had to be replaced with something a bit nicer . .









which is about as far as I got for a while, as I bought an Alfa 155 as my daily drive, which whilst I'd love to try any myths about Alfa's being expensive to run, has cost me an absolute fortune and is a total pain in the arse . . But its a fantastic car and I love it dearly, and unfortunately the main thing thats kept me from finishing the Manta has beeen the small problem of money (still needed an exhaust, tyres, paint, lights etc)

[insert gratuitous showing off Alfa Romeo pic here]


[sorry, I had to do it :D ]

But I've managed to get on top of the problems with the Alfa and it's been running a treat for a while now, and I've finally managed to get back working on my real project . . So I thought I'd stop back here and let you know how I'm doing . .

I've got it all up and running now, got some wheels that will go on it, with spacers to get them sitting in the arches just right, and finally managed to decide on the colour for the bodywork . The car is almost totally rust free now, all the chassis rails, underside, floorpan, well pretty much everything I can get to has been treated with waxoyl, painted or covered in underseal, and I'm finally happy with the car as a whole. I'm actually looking forward to getting it MOT'd for the first time after so long, and barring any bulbs or something stupid I'm totally sure its going to pass first time. My chap bet me the price of the MOT it wouldn't, so I've got some incentive . . :D










All I have to do now is make an exhaust for it, buy some more headlights which I discovered I can get from a motorfactors just up the road, and get it to my friends paint shop to get the rest of the bodywork sprayed as my garage is too small and dusty to do it properly there. I'm hoping to get it on the road this summer and finally get to show it off at some meets, shows, whatever, I'll just be happy to get it finished and drive the bloody thing on the road !

Hope everyone likes the pics and I'd love to hear what you think about it, hopefully some of the old faces from when I used to post on here will see this and comment ( Clive, Robbie, Rab, Devilfish, can't remember too many others, its been a while . . I've been spending most of my time on Alfa forums trying to sort out the problems on my car . . ) :wacko:

And of course it would be good to meet some of the new faces on here too !

Thanks , Tim

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