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a rare beast

Manta i300

This Model, another Irmscher developed car, was offered with the GM straight six 3.0l engine, a logical choice for improved performance. It was the first 6 cylinder Manta available since the TE2800 of some 15 years previously. To accommodate the larger engine, several modifications had to be made to the front subframe and many uprated components had to be used. This made the cost of the i300 very high. The performance however was worth every penny ! This is the rarest of the Irmscher models with only one known example being imported into the UK

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I'd love to know what happened to the UK RHD i300 that was knocking about.

I took a picture of it back at Billing in the early 90's - I'll have to dig around and find it. If it was sill about, it would be one of the rarest cars in the club - along with the slim bodied RHD Manta 400B and the single hatchback i200.

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[i have searched and searched for this i300

The rumour was that the guy dismanteled it completly and didnt know how to put it back together

Have been to the last known place the car was

Not there Sir!!

It might turn up but it think shes gone

Marty D

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