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Coil Springs Off F Reg 1.8 Exclusive Hatch


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These coils came off an F reg 1.8 Exclusive hatch in the mid to late '90s and have spent more time lying around than they did on the car. I am 99.9% sure they are the front coils.

The only thing done to them before taking the pics was a spray of WD40 then wipe clean with a rag.



£40 collected or £50 posted.

I know it's a fair amount for old coils, but if I need a set just to get through an MOT it'll cost me more than that so no point giving them away.

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Jesus they are HUUUUUGE , from an off road manta? :lol:

Wouldn't like to have been there when you prised them out of the spring seat :blink:

I jest, Kev

EDIT, cut them 75% and get a front/ back set :thumbup

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