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Fuel Pump


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any one got any advice on using the fuel pump from an r1 on an xe conversion using r1 carbs. a guy i work with

races a grasstrack special using xe engines & says he uses the fuel pump from the bike aswell & it has the relay

built in ive never heard of this before ???.. needless to say he.s trying to sell me a fuel pump

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I have heard this being used before, with my R1's I use a redtop Facet pump which cost around £60 plus a Sytec pressure reg which was about £20 IIRC, so do the sums for yourself but I cant see why it wouldnt work, it only needs 3psi @ the carbs (much the same as Webers)

HTH cheers, Colin.

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after further discusion with my mate he says the pumps are regulated/metred to run with the

r1 carbs (3 psi) so no need to have a regulator & the relay is built in ,he said just keep the

pump as close as poss to the tank & they work no probs..

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