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The 400 came with a lsd, some i200 some i240.

You will be lucky to pick up a lsd ' ball' for less than £500 and a second hand built lsd diff can bring at least £500, a rebuilt slipper like i have in an axle with a 3.67 diff in has cost me £800 up to now. you can get a cheap manta for that sort of money!

Buy cheap buy twice, mantas are a black hole to shove money into :lol:


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i have found out that Quaife do one for about £600 are they easy to install or will i need some help

that depends entirely on your level of mechanical skill/capability!

its not just a case of old one out and new one in, you have to set the relative position and backlash by adjusting the shims.

therefore you will need shim and a new collapsable brass bearing.


with the right tools and patience its not hard but can take a bit of time to do right.

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i have found out that Quaife do one for about £600 are they easy to install or will i need some help

Quaife do list one (although i thought it was at least £650+vat last time i looked)

but they don't have any on the shelf and won't do a new production run until they have at least 10 orders <_<

2nd hand diffs all run the risk of needing a rebuild, which usually means a hard time finding the correct parts (and sometimes you can't)

Also diffs are available with different pre-loads on the plates and different ramp angles inside.

Both of which completely change the way the diff works, they can be set for road/ fast road/ track/ rally (tarmac and forest)/ drag strips/etc etc etc

These settings can be changed, but again you need to source the correct parts.

Most of the 2nd hand ones i've seen don't even have any info about the settings so how do you know its right for what you will use it for?

When i was looking for one i ended up deciding that a NEW diff was the best way to go, that way you're sure it won't need rebuilding and there isn't anything wrong with it.

Also you can specify the settings you want for your style of driving.

After a lot of talking to people and hunting around i got one from Gripper-Diffs

Its a propper Plate type differential (rather than a torque biasing thing from quaife) so works much better in my opinion.

The diffs are designed to run common internal parts in 3 sizes (small medium and large) pretty much all the car ones run the small internals

So if i need to rebuild it down the line all the parts are on the shelf because the internals are common across the range

So no hunting for a middle plate specifically for a manta diff.

As to building it, someone with reasonable mechanical ability can assemble a diff into the axle.

However it won't be BUILT right, and will more than likely damage the gears and/or the diff itself.

You need to shim the bearings on the sides of the diff to align everything in the housing so the gears of the crownwheel mesh perfectly to the gears on the pinion shaft.

Also the preload on the bearings for the pinion and the diff needs to be set right.

Its not rocket science but best left to someone who knows what they are doing.

I was lucky as a mate of mine builds rally axles and guided me through the process so i could build mine right :thumbup

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