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The Rebuild Begins


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As most of you know, my work takes me away for 2 weeks at a time, last time i was away i had decided to start the rebuild of one of the red top 2.0 16v engines i have, and i got in contact with a guy who is very knowledgeable on these engines, and certainly knows his stuff, i purchased an elring top end gasket set, and an arp head bolt kit from him, as i will just stick to the one source for all my rebuild stuff.

Having purchased a rare coscast dispak head some time ago, i decided to go the dispak route, as for me it will be an easier route to go as i dont want to mess about with the heater box, or run a front mounted dizzy bracket etc, basically a personal choice to go this way, the engine i have for rebuild is a dizzy model, so i will need to get another wiring loom ecu and a lot of other parts to change over, luckily i managed to pick up a very cheap low mileage dispak xe engine which has almost all the bits i need to convert to dispak (wiring loom ecu etc) as most of the stuff i have is for the dizzy type xe, but i plan to sell that on to fund the rebuild, so far i have the gasket set and arp head stud kit, i have also put the head up to the guy who will be doing most of the work who is charlie from agra engineering in Banff, who's brother runs the better known agra engineering in Dundee, i know im in good hands with charlie, as he has rebuilt my old CIH around 3 times, i have instructed charlie to completely strip the cylinder head and replace the valve stem seals and re do the valves (basically strip and re-build the head) and give the head the very lightest of skims to check that it is true, next time home i will be picking up the head, and giving him the block to do a re-bore, and check the crank for me and also check the sealing faces (top and bottom) i then plan to get the block powdercoated, i'll take some pics of the block before it goes, but i forgot to get pictures of the head, but im sure you all know what one looks like, and i'll add to this post as i progress, but please bear with me, as this is going to take some time, lol.

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Just a small update, im told that to run the dispak xe, the injectors need to be the blue ones, not the standard cream type ones as fitted to the xe, through another forum i managed to pick up a set of second hand ones for £20 with delivery, and through another forum managed to get another set with the correct 3 bar fuel rail and regulator for £25, so i have ended up with 2 sets, and one set is going to be sent away to get cleaned, and are being done by an ASNU injector testing and ultrasonic cleaning machine, and being done to ASNU specification, which involves

-Micro filter, O ring seals and pintle caps are removed if able to be replaced / renewed.

-Check that all the injectors share the same part number.

-Injectors mounted on the flow bench and a leak test performed.

-30 seconds at up to 5 bar pressure with the injectors closed.

-Flow rate testing at either 2 or 3 bar pressure. 50% duty cycle for 30 seconds.

-Check spray patterns in a static (wide open) mode.

-Check spray patterns in dynamic (pulsed) mode at a set open duration and speed.

-Injectors are placed into the into the ultra-sonic cleaning tank for a minimum of

30 minutes. During this time the injectors are also electrically pulsed.

-Leak, Flow test and Spray pattern checks are re performed.

-Filters, O rings and pintle caps that were removed are renewed if available / stocked.

All for £10 per injector and £5 royal mail recorded delivery back to me, which in my opinion is pretty good, picture below of the injectors below before getting cleaned.


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