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Dual Exhaust?

Jason b

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Finally got time to spend a day and start looking at what I've actually bought in terms of project, lol - I will start a thread soon once I upload some pics.

The second major part of the project is sorting out the exhuast for the 2.5l lump. The tricky bit of downpipe fab is done, which leaves me with a 2 2" pipes.

I am as yet undecided as to the best (and more importantly most cost effective) solution from here to the back of the car. I could either continue to run a pair

of 2" pipes all the way to the back of the car with appropriate silencers. Or fabricate a 2-1 merge collector to converge the two 2" pipes into a single 2.5" one.

The two main factors are that I already have what appears to be most of the dual 2" exhaust system from a vauxhall carlton 3.0l, and the second being that I want

as much of the weight i.e. silencers, as far back as possible to even on a tiny scale try to balance out a little of the weight of the massive 6cyl lump.

I have had a good search but have yet to find any pics of a system which goes over the axle with one pipe either side of the rear diff? is this for an obvious reason?

I was considering using this approach and mounting all my silencers underneath the boot floor. - I have a lot of 2" pipe and will be welding it myself which is why I

was considering a dual exhaust.

Any helpful ideas or comments would be much appreciated!



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Hi mate

i got a 2.5" system all the way through with 2 silencers. It merges into 1 just under the steering arm so the lambda sensor could reach. The 2" pipes would be good and shouldnt be a problem to go over the axle (you could probably get them one side of the diff). Youve done the hard bit already with the downpipes.

My exhaust is a straight bit of pipe from under the drivers footwell to the back axle on the passenger side with 1 silencer in the middle.

Have any luck with radiator?

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