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Slippers Again....

Jason b

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I expect I can already guess the answer, however searches of various forums has left me fruitless...

will the LSD from a mk2 carlton GSI3000 fit in a mk1 cavalier axle? as an aside, I take it that the 5spd box

from a carlton can be fitted to the cav with a mod to the transmission tunnel?

Many thanks!


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no the lsd does not fit unless you strip it down and get it machined to the manta/cavalier axle dimentions, if it was easy i think we would all be doing it. i was told with the amount needed to be taken off the diff to fit the diff would be a very weak point.

buy a gripper diff it fits and does the job. gearbox will fit engine but you need to half prop shafts welding and balancing to fit it.

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