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I've just bought a mk1 cavalier with the 2.0 engine fitted. The mechanical fan has been replaced with an electric one (manually switched), however it seems to be running a little hot still even with the fan on constantly (which I'm not too keen on anyway). The car was originally a 1600 so not sure if the existing rad is even the right one for the 2.0 if they are different.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on a uprated rad which will cool it without the need for constant fan cooling (so I can keep the electric one for traffic jams etc) or am I better off trying to source the original mechanical fan.


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Hi cheers for the info, I'm assuming that the radiator is the smaller 1600 job due to the comment about spacers.

I'll check out the voltage regulator as well but it looks like a bigger rad is in order. Heres a pic of the rad if someone could confirm?

Assuming this is the small rad would the larger one cool the engine without the need for a constant fan or should I be looking for a uprated one?


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The 1600 rad with a narrower core and "spacer" from the side of the frame to the mounts on the cowling is inadequate for any bigger engine. Been there, done that, but as said before - voltage reg blah blah blah.

Lol. That's probably why I see water evaporating off the bonnet of mine in the rain then!

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