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Chevette Wings ....... Long Shot I Know


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Shuv - you are a very good example of - answers on a postcard :angry:

OK, try this thenVauxhall

or maybe


Doesn't need more than ONE word if that is all it takes.Stops all the replies that don't give an answer to his request........unlike I did ! :)

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Hope that aint classed as one word or SOMEONE might complain about lack of info !! :lol::D:thumbup

At least it points in the right direction for someone to look. :)

Think the Cavvette club is now the C.O.G

I remember joining that at Tatton Park when it first started up (thats the C.O.G ) if I remember there were about 15 members at the time, and they were suprised when I just walked up and paid the yearly dues and wander straight off againn ! :lol:

Been to a few meets with them, but have since moved on. Hence my user name !!!! :rolleyes:

Might just go bak to ownership again !! :thumbup

Excellent little cars........ just WAY underpowered as standard. :(

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Ive just been offered a brand new GM nosecone for one if your interested drop me a mail and I'll forward their details.

They want 140euros for it (dont know why hes quoting euros it's a UK company and the panels in UK) :thumbup

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Have you got a number I can contact you on to discuss the wings.

I'm based in Fife although work away from home in Caithness during the week.

I spoke to Tim Jones (TJM) last week regarding wings and although he does get them in occasionally he just sold his last pair 2 weeks ago, they were new old stock pattern panels and he sold them for £150. I wouldn't want to pay any more than around £100 - £120 dependant on condition of course.

Let me know what you think

Cheers, Mark


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My Number is 07808169522.

I won't be able to answer that untill Friday due to work.

I wasn't looking at anything like that price.

Probably looking at nearer £40 each.

When i get home this weekend i will take some photos and e-mail them to you so you can get a clearer picture of their condition. They are OE panels made of proper metal.



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Ian, I'd be happy to pay your asking price.

It makes a pleasant change not getting held to ransom by some of the blue oval brigade.

Any other spares available I could use for my sons track day car?

Regards, Mark.

ps I'll text you my home email address, I'm away Mon - Fri with work at the Dounreay site in Caithness.

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Ian, off to Italy Thursday with work and unfortunately didn't get the opportunity to get back to you.

Few problems with head on HS also look to have curtailed my spend on sons car.

Can I get in touch in a week or so to bottom this out with you?

My apologies for the delayed response.

Cheers, Mark.

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