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hi im sam from central scotland picked up a manta hatch which belongs to hubby but i join the forums for him lol he hates computers heres a pic of her shes needing a bit of work so if anyone has a petrol tank going about give us a shout




in the last pic there you can see my mk2 cab cavy in the garden so we do like our old vaux/opels

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Hi Sam.

Welcome along,a gid few manta petrol heeds up this neck owe thi woods and wi attend a few gid shows through out the summer.

Any mare info wanted just drop mi a pm, whar aboot are you in central belt? Aye yiv awe braw lookin hatch.

cheers rab.

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hello and welcome. My mate had a spare tank ill ask if he still has it when he gets home fae offshore

that would be great as its the only thing holding it from going in for a mot

hi and welcome to the manta family up here,thats a tidy looking hatch,,,,get the postcode for billing planted in your sat nav and get it down there,,defo thumbsup.gif ,,,,craig

if we can get a petrol tank for it we would take a drive down to billing wiht it as we were wanting to take down the caby to it

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the fuel tank is getting fixed a guy who rebuilds radiators in our area is going to braze the tank so it will be fixed by next week and we can see what it needs for its mot which it dont look like much on the car will keep yous posted as im of work next week so will give us time to get stuck in about the car

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