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Caliper Query


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Think I need a caliper repair kit for my a series, as the offside caliper doesn't seem to be backing off when the brake is realeased and I get a god awfull squeeling noise once you get a bit of heat in there (it stops when the pedal is depressed slightly)

The haynes book reckons the seal in the piston bore should pull the pad back from the disc slightly, and when I turn the hub it does indeed rub on the pads a bit.

Now the question is, are these calipers standard to the a series? As the previous owner rattled off a list of changes when I bought it.

And can anyone recomend a good place top get caliper repair kits.




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Well I took the pads off, they seemed quite glazed, and gave them a good sand.

It's stopped squeeling at low speed with foot off pedal, but still squeels like a goodun when I brake with some heat in 'em :S might be the greenstuff pads.

I checked the nearside, and that seems to be biting on the disc about the same as the offside with the wheels off.

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My greenstuff pads squeel like a b'stard when hot as well, have they still got the foamy type backing on them where they make contact with the piston??? if not a smeer of copperslip or similer will help address the noise problem.

Are your calipers the single piston type? if so they always were prone to sticking on their sliders moreso than the piston sticking, had to free mine off every year when putting it back on the road, a service kit will sort that out. :thumbup

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