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Hypothetical Question


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Ok, as title says, hypothetical question. If you wanted to fit a 1.9CDTi (150) engine into a Manta, what gearbox and possibly rear axle would you use?

The standard 1.8 box just wouldn't cut it in either gearing or torque handling, so what alternatives are there?

Again, Not sure about the rear axle? Would the gearing be suitable and would it take the torque, especially if the engine were tuned?

If I ever get the money to do this, I would love to, but for the time being, it remains a dream....

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The 1.9 i think has a different Bell Housing Pattern to any of the GM RWD boxes. Your going to best of looking at Fiat RWD or the like as the engine is a Fiat Engine.

The other problem is hight, the 1.9 is a very tall engine so you'll have to play with sumps, cross members and bonnets, then on top of all the you'll need all the wiring and ecus to get the thing to run.

It miight be better to look at the Z17DTH engine which is the common rail version of the old Isuzu engine, its tuneable like the 1.9 in that you can do a plug a play ecu upgarde and it will have the correct bellhousing patten for either and Omega or carlton Box



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Yea, obviously aware I'll need ECU and wiring...

Didn't realise it was a FIAT engine...I know my mate has it in his Multipla, but he thought it was a Vaux engine! lol He will be disappointed!

As for the height, again, not a problem...things like that are a simple(ish) fix! I was more worried about getting a box that fits and has the right ratios...

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