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Please Help Me With The 4 Pot Volvo Calipers


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4 pots on a Manta..dead easy...

1...get some 4 pots from a dead 240 etc volvo with vented discs.

2... get a pair of sierra xr4x4 discs, and have your local enginerring shop drill them to the Manta disc pattern.

3..treat the 4 pots to a new seal kit and some paint.( your life is worth £40!! )

4.. have some pipes made up to join the 2 inward fluid unions to one. Mk 1 cavalier goodridge hoses have 2 male ends, or mk2 escort.

5.. fit the discs and 4 pots, use mk1 cavalier bolts to fit calipers ( available from vauxhall at about £2 each)

6.. space the calipers so that they are central using a couple of washers.

Bleed the 4 pots and there you go.


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You can make up a 3 way union/splitter with off the shelf parts from your local motor factor - easy peasy!

Get yourself a brake pipe flaring tool, some copper pipe and a bag of fitting a make 'em yourself.

I did my whole Cav last Summer for £25 for everything - strangely satisfying as well :thumbup

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