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Cavalier 5 Speed Conversion,.


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Does anyone know what is involved in swapping a four speed for a 5 speed, ive got a 4 speed cav mk1 hatch and the thrust has gone and taken out the fork and since i am doing a v8 conversion on my manta i thought i would pinch the box for the cav but i am not sure how easy it is, can someone please help with info,



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Hey Josh, you need the 5 speed box and propshaft from the Manta, as well as the raised section from the top of the 5 speed transmission tunnel. Basically you need to cut a hole in the top of the original 4 speed tunnel and fit the raised 5 speed section in it's place as the gear lever sits further back on the 5 speed box.

Oh, you need to modify the rear gearbox mount crossmember as well, as the 5 speed box is longer. If it's any help you're welcome to pop down to Cardiff and see my Sportshatch which has had this conversion done!

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To carry out the change of the transmission tunnel could (and i say could) lead to your car requiring an SVA as you will have altered the shell of the car.

There is a thread within the members section that discusse the SVA.

There is also another method available that does not involve cutting the transmission tunnel, as i have recently done the 4 to 5 speed conversation without cutting or changing the transmission tunnel.

Will be doing a short write up on how it is done when i get an hour or two spare.


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