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Manta Poor Lights Very Dim

peter evans

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As above...same goes for the feed to the lamps,any bad connection(resistance)will lower the voltage available at the lamp. Substituting the feed with a live straight from the battery(fused of course!)might give you an idea,if the light looks visibly brighter then you know you have a voltage drop....same can be done on the earth circuit(battery NEGATIVE to earth connector at bulb). This can also be checked with a voltmeter when the circuit is under load(lights on).

Anyway what do lights matter when you've got a big V8 :D


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they are new bulbs 12v 100w in low beam and high beam

would it be the alternator ?

thanks peterthumbsup.gif

To be perfectly honest the manta lights are crap. I have a set in mine that i took apart,totally cleaned inside and out on the lens, resealed, the reflectors were perfect and i put in 100w bulbs.......still dim. Only thing to do is quad upgrade , or maybe custom made housing and modern lights fitted. I have seen a Kadett Coupe which had motorbike headlights fitted, was a german motor, but don't know how legal this is. Looked cool though!!



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